You deal with all different types of cancer. But October is breast cancer awareness. We do. The real men wear pink? Yes. Do you see do you see a change in kind of people coming out to support and people kind of helping with?

“Yeah. I mean, I think the research of the American Cancer Society is such a good organization for research and helps us a lot for getting clinical trials started for our breast cancer patients. I think that helps a lot and does seem like a lot more interest this time of year. Also, all the the fundraisers, I think that helps a lot for the interest and also for what may be coming into research. I think that helps. Yeah, because there’s so much new things that we’re learning about breast cancer donations go to research both nationally and locally. American Cancer Society. It does. It goes of research in that we have you know, we’re part of the research group up in Nashville that does community research here and at other centers around the country. So they need, you know, funds to help fund the research, to get patients involved. And also it helps, too, when you do research, which the American Cancer Society helps with, it helps for like transportation, lodging, things like that. So that that helps too, for patients to be able to afford to go to these places, too. So that’s where a lot of the research where a lot of the money will go to. And so so research is the only way we’re going to really learn how to treat this and potentially cure it. So I think, yeah, the money is in it helps locally too.”

“So research has brought different treatments and better care for. I mean, we have clinical trials that that we offer here in our office too, that with usually with metastatic breast cancer, there’s so many new treatment options, especially for hormone positive, where you can take even targeted therapy and take pills and treat advanced cancer that’s even in the
liver or the lungs with instead of chemotherapy. So that’s that’s pretty exciting. And also the triple negative, which is a more aggressive breast cancer using immune therapy, which we use for lung cancer. And that’s an I.V. But it helps your immune system fight the cancer, too.
So that’s kind of the newer therapies that are coming up in the forefront and that’s had, you know, real good efficacy, too.

“So a lot of new options of breast cancer are not everybody’s I mean, we can I mean, not cure everybody, but still prolong and have a better quality of life than we had in the in the past. The number one thing you can do, I mean, for I mean, I guess the big important thing is like screening, too. If we can catch breast cancer at an earlier stage and then a large amount of them are curable, I mean, they might still need chemotherapy after they do surgery or radiation, but we’re doing it as a prevention to try to keep the cancer from coming back rather than treating in advanced cancer. So that’s so for a lot of family members that have newly diagnosed breast cancer. If this early stage has still a road curable, it’s not a death sentence for for early stage and even metastatic. And we can still, for breast cancer, help people out for years that have been treated with different agents that we can sequence and and still have a good quality of life”