BATON ROUGE, LA. (BRRPOUD)– Baton Rouge residents were invited to Broadmoor United Methodist Church to express their concerns about safety to law enforcement.

Sherry Griffen and Suzanne Alban have been local Baton Rouge residents for many years and have seen a change. Sherry came forward by stating her concern, “We want to know why the crime in Baton Rouge is just rapid and completely out of control.”

Griffen’s friend Suzanne Alban, standing next to her, says “And I think that Baton Rouge is just angry, about this I feel like we can’t go anywhere.”

According to the World Population Review, Baton Rouge is ranked 5th out of the top 10 cities in the US with the highest murder rate. The website included that “Louisiana’s capital city has a total of 83 homicides in 2019, a murder rate of 33.5 per 100,000” (World Population Review, 2022).

Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III says he’s been working the streets inside and out for many years. He says, “It’s the violence that’s occurring in East Baton Rouge Parish, it’s the homicides that are occurring, the drive-by shootings.”

Another concerned resident, Gary Patureau, works for the neighborhood of Sherwood Forest Crime Commission in Baton Rouge. He says crime has been rising not only in his neighborhood, but around it. Patureau says that he’s been noticing that it’s the same offenders over and over, and wonders why they are out on the streets.

Patureau expresses his concerns about the Judge’s ruling on criminals’ length of time in prison and their bond.

“They’re right back out on the streets committing the same crimes before they ever go to court.” He adds that “We can predict their behavior. If they go back out there on bond. You know they have committed the same crimes, over and over again.”

On Thursday, Baton Rouge leaders and law enforcement met the public about their concerns. The leaders believe it is good for people who live in Baton Rouge to know who their leaders are.

Some of those local leaders included;

  • BRPD Chief Murphy Paul
  • EBRP Constable Terrica Williams
  • EBRP Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
  • Crime Stoppers Johnny Dunham

“You know people need to put a name with a face, and a face with a name,” says Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III

East Baton Rouge Metro Councilman member, Cleve Dunn Jr, adds, “What we need to do is put out hands on deck, and work together to improve.”

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux wants the public to know an important message for not just his agency, but other local law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III says, “I just would like the people to know, that we are doing everything we possibly can to address all these issues.”

After the large attendance at Thursday’s public meeting, organizers say that they will continue to have more meetings.