LAKE CHARLES, La. (KLFY) As we approach the one-year mark since devastation hit Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore is questioning whether officials are prioritizing residents’ safety.

Honore says gas export terminals are in one of Louisiana’s most at risk hurricane zones.

“As we come up on the eve of Hurricane Laura hitting landfall in Cameron Parish, we need to hold our leaders accountable” he said.

Community members gathered around Honore during his visit to Lake Charles Wednesday as he voiced his concerns.

One resident, Ron Sledge says gas terminals negatively impact the climate.He’s hoping officials take heed.
“I mean we are already behind, and I don’t see them trying to change it at all.”

Sledge says he’s lived in Lake Charles the last two years and describes the devastation to the city as traumatic and an eye opener.

With so much left to be done to re-build the city, he questions officials plans to meet the need of the community.

“They are still in ruins they are devastated.”

General Honore says if state and federal officials are not moved by his statement, he encourages residents to do their part.