FRANKLINTON, La. (BRPROUD) – The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to be vigilant about a scam that is making the rounds.

The scam is centered around a home warranty letter that you may receive in the mail.

“These letters are not only deceptive, they could be targeting your personal information,” according to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

WPSO was made aware of this scam by a member of the community.

That community member could not figure out whether the letter was legitimate.

Did it come from the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office?

WPSO said that, “This letter is not from the Sheriffs Office, and is in no way endorsed by us.”

So how does this particular scam work?

“The letter asks for a response to the notice by a certain date and threatens that failing to respond could result in a potential loss of coverage,” according to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

WPSO pointed out that any letter which threatens the reader is probably not legitimate.

The letters may appear real because they could contain the name of your mortgage company.

So how do scammers find out the name of your mortgage company?

WPSO said, “Some information about mortgages, such as the name of your lender and servicer, are public record and that information can be found online.”

Bottom line, if you receive a letter like this, throw it away and do not give away your personal information.