WEST FELICIANA PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Breanne Hales’ sister, Rachel Hann, 38 has been missing in the Mississippi River since Sunday after a boating accident.

Hales wants to thank the community for all of their support.

Hales and her father were 17 thousand miles away when they got the horrible news. They drove from Arizona to Louisiana in 24 hours to help in the search for her sister.

“This isn’t something any family wants to go through,” Hales said standing at the boat launch at the Mississippi River. “We’re just holding on the best we can hold on and keeping our prayers and keeping our hope and we just want our baby sister to come home.”

Hales said her sister loves sparkly toes, chocolate, pizza, Disney World and her family.

“Rachel had a joyous heart and she brought joy everywhere she was and that’s how she will be remembered, all the joy, all the sparkle, everything that was my sister,” Hales said.

After a 20-hour rescue mission, deputies, Wildlife Agents and volunteers’ new goal is recovery.

“We know that you have so much to do in your lives and we’re just so appreciative you’re spending your time and your energy to come find her,” said Hales.

Hann recently moved to the area in January. Hales doesn’t know the surviving boater, Anthony Bain, but isn’t surprised her sister would make a new friend.

“The community has just opened their arms to her, they’ve opened their hearts to her, everyone here has wonderful stories to say about her,” Hales explained.

Hales hopes for the best but recognizes the situation’s reality.

“At this point, it’s been so many days that we just want to know where she is no matter what the outcome of that is. We just want my baby sister to come home,” said Hales.

And will take any help she can get for closure.

“Anybody, anybody in this community that wants to come, please come, please come help find my sister,” said Hales.