SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS)  – Tax season is here and if you’re one of those people who is getting a windfall from the IRS, a financial expert in Shreveport says you might want to reconsider how you choose to spend your money.

Jody Bluitt, a financial expert at WFA, says to create an emergency fund in case of job loss, medical emergency, or major car repair.

Or he says put your tax refund into your savings account.

“Level one is just hey, ‘Let me just get my lifestyle together the way I’m living and how it’s related to my finances. Number two, is let me build something that prepares me for those unexpected events like there is no way I can see something,” Bluitt said.

Lastly, Bluitt recommends investing your money in a business or saving for retirement.

“Or if you’re a person with a good heart that wants to do philanthropy in your future and give back to that.”

Bluitt says a big part of managing one’s money is about having a plan and reassessing your wants and needs.

“Like I wanted that new suit, now I need it. I need to wear it for this, I need to wear it for that. So, your mind will consciously trick you into doing that,” says Bluitt. “That goes back to the first point I make having a plan, knowing what you want to do and what you want to execute to keep you on track and so you can resist those consumer temptations.”

Your refund should be delivered as soon as 21 days if you file electronically and choose to have the money directly deposited into your bank account, according to the IRS.