BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – It’s carnival season and everyone is getting ready for their favorite events and for many that includes the Spanish Town Ball, but some are taking advantage of the community.

For nearly 30-years the Spanish Town Ball has been a treasured event. President of the Society for the Preservation of Lagniappe in Louisiana Robert King is passionate about the gatherings.

“People get to be somebody they aren’t they get to let the hair down, dress up crazy and cut up dance have a good time with all their friends, family, relatives and all,” King said.

Despite having over 3,000 seats for the ball, all tickets were sold within a week back in the fall. King said first dibs usually go to the king and queen of the event, crew members and the board.

Now that all the tickets have been purchased, many people are turning to places like Facebook to buy any extras that others no longer want. But King is already seeing people getting taken advantage online, and is warning of the scam.

“Do not buy tickets from somebody that you don’t know, and if somebody does have tickets, find out what crew they are with and what table number they have. Don’t just indiscriminately say ‘Oh, I have Spanish Town tickets’ to go pay somebody $50 a ticket,” King warned.

He also warns that they sold physical tickets, and if anyone is try to sell e-tickets, it’s a scam.

King said over $1 million of the proceeds from the ball have been donated to local charities, making this event even more special for him.

“Its just heartwarming when we are passing a check to somebody, and it hurts to see these scammer people that are just out to make a buck and they don’t give a darn about anybody,” King said.

He is crushed that some people are taking advantage.

“It breaks my heart,” said King. “We call ourselves a poor man’s parade and we try to keep things as low as possible, we talked about raising ticket prices to help offset expenses that we have but we want our pink path people or the people who love Spanish town to be able to go.”

King said if you are in still need of a ticket, you can show up to the event hours in advance to see if any extras have been returned.

The event is set for Feb. 4 at the Raising Canes River Center.