BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — We are just days away from one of the biggest nights of the year for sports bars and restaurants.

Walk-Ons assistant general manager Adam Button says this Sunday, he’s expecting a packed house for the Super Bowl.

“Extra people come in to make sure that we are prepared for the Super Bowl. It’s a full-day process. It’s a miniature party if you will,” Button continued.

These chairs at the bar will fill up quickly as football fans glue themselves to every TV in the corner. “We’ll fill up and stay busy. But we will also have a lot of catering up until the start or maybe an hour or so before it starts,” Button explained.

And that’s why the guys in the kitchen have been working around the clock prepping all of the food, especially the most ordered item, chicken wings.

Just five mins away, Pluckers is expecting more than 4,000 wings, to be sold in a matter of hours. After all, they have more than 20 flavors. “We’ve got it down to a science now at this point exactly how much we need. We packed the cooler out all day long,” stated Norbert Weinert, Plucker’s general manager.

Weinert says all hands will be on deck this Sunday, and they’ve got several large parties to cater. “We have extra hands on the floor for all of our dining guests, so that anybody wants to come in here, we’ll have tables ready, we’ll have servers available, bartenders to get all the drinks out on time and everything so that everything runs smoothly for us and the guests,” he explained.

Whether you’re going for the Eagles or the Chiefs, both bars say they will have specials for everyone. They’re also encouraging everyone to drink responsibly.