DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (BRProud) “I just want to inspire others to be their best self,” says Denham Springs High School senior.

Lee was awarded a $10,000 scholarship from U.S. Bank Student Scholarship Program. She’s one of only three scholarship winners recognized by the program. The other recipients are from Arkansas and Missouri, but she almost missed the opportunity.

“The lady called me and told me I was a winner, but I didn’t get the call because it went to spam and I didn’t check my voicemail. It was almost two weeks later when I noticed it was there,” Lee says.

The scholarship money will go toward her interest in studying Psychology at LSU. Her interest in counseling came from a personal experience that has shaped the importance of mental health.

“At the age of nine, my biological mom moved away and I was put into counseling. She has helped me so much, not just with that situation but just someone I can talk to and I want to be that for other kids.”

The straight-A student says she’s learned to balance school and extracurricular activities. She’s looking forward to a new beginning in the fall and leading a future to help others be the best in every way.

“I struggled a lot with not thinking I was good enough. I want other kids to know they are good enough. No matter the grades they make, who they are, how they act. They are good enough no matter what.”

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