Some local voters are feeling the stress of this election.

They say the controversy surrounding both presidential candidates and the number of races to vote for has caused some fatigue.

But will that mean fewer people at the polls?

Fatigue and stress are two words some voters used to describe this election cycle at City Hall.

“Well it’s been a very long election especially for President and I think we have a lot of fatigue out there,” said early voter Pat Hoffman.

“I am tired of the foolishness that’s going on in the election,” said early voter Caral Williams.

According to a pew survey done in July about 60 percent of Americans were sick and tired of the election because of the coverage blitz.

“I would like to see more decency and order. I would like to see people act like they are Americans like they claim we suppose to act.

Still acting like a bunch of fools. I mean you supposed to be leaders of our country if you going to be a leader you have to carry yourself as the leader,” said Williams

But early voters say all the election drama wouldn’t stop them from casting a ballot.

“I am always going to vote and it’s a great privilege as an American to vote,” said Hoffman.

“It would never stop me from coming out to vote because that’s my voice,” said Williams.

And turnout for early voting set records.

“Every day has been bigger than the day before,” said East Baton Rouge Parish Registrar of Voters Steve Raborn.

Raborn says more than 40,000 people came out to vote early, and in our state more than 430,000 people voted as of Tuesday morning.

Raborn expects those number to only go up and says presidential elections normally have high early voter turnout.

But he didn’t expect the record turnout due to the unusual nature of the presidential race and the august flooding.

“Very huge for early voting, so we expect that trend will continue through Election Day.” Said Raborn.

Early voting ends today at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, and Election day is November 8th.

As a reminder several polling places had been impacted by the flooding so to review the one closest to you just click here: