BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – The Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Schools is preparing for an open campus this year.

Approximately 30 schools strong with around 14,000 students, the Diocese of Catholic Schools of Baton Rouge’s mission statement defines its current endeavor with the following words, “Catholic schools will be unified models of Catholic identity by creating and sustaining a positive catholic culture among all stakeholders.”

According to Principal Jason Chauvin, of Catholic Pointe Coupee, he and his staff are, “Excited to get back into it, it’s sort of a “Rebirth.”

The theme that the institution is choosing to focus on is one of Serenity. Essentially, school officials want to carry out all of their ministerial and educational work with serenity.

While navigating this leg of the pandemic with a serene mindset, the district is easing some of its COVID restrictions.

Principal Chauvin says “I can speak for all the schools in the Diocese, we are just excited to start the year without COVID.”

For the first time in two years, the schools will be an open campus, having no mask mandate.

Another first is having Superintendent Dr. Pattie Davis in charge of all thirty campuses this year.

Dr. Davis says, “This summer we worked on reading and literacy programs, we’ve also worked on leadership.. valuing leadership and the things that strong leadership brings. We’ve worked on trauma and well-being for both students and faculty.”

Both Dr. Davis and Principal Chauvin were deeply affected by the school shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and said their hearts and prayers go out to the families.

With this in mind, they’re paying close attention to ensuring school safety.

Dr. Davis said, “We had campus safety workshops because really in our mind if you don’t have safety, you can’t have anything else.”

Each school within the district was required to work with their local law enforcement. This way, the faculty and staff improved their relationship with law enforcement, learned how to prepare for a school threat, and remained up to date on school crisis policy changes.

“Unfortunately we need to be prepared and I think that we need to be excellent in everything we do,” Dr. Davis said.

According to the Diocese of Catholic Schools report about Catholic Schools, the institution’s educators want to do more than teach their young students facts, they want to teach them to become good people.

“Another study by the University of Pennsylvania reveals “success is not the number-one priority for most parents. We’re much more concerned about our children becoming kind, compassionate and helpful.” These are just a couple of reasons to choose Catholic schools, but there is more to Catholic education than remarkable character-building.”

The statement above is the new superintendent’s mission for the 2022-2023 school year, it’s a mission that includes showing students how to excel in the classroom and in daily life.

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