BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – America’s love affair with the sandwich is an age-old relationship. It continues to evolve even as sandwiches change, adapting with the generations of connoisseurs who create and consume them.

The crunchy BLT reigns supreme as the top ranking sandwich in America, maintaining its position by upgrading certain aspects of its appeal in hopes of attracting Millennial and Gen Z foodies.

Chipotle Mayo, fig jam, avocado slices. This sandwich is a willing canvas to any accoutrement that sounds deliciously trendy.

On the other end of the spectrum is the controversial classic that is in no way trendy and has a history of appeasing as many people as it repels.

In a world that idolizes avocado toast and hibiscus tea, this sandwich is an outsider. It’s the kind of meal one eats in private at midnight after a Monday that’s been less than stellar.

And though it’s never won any beauty contests, there was a time when our nation tolerated it to the point of lending it a seat at the ‘popular table.’

In fact, a number of Americans raised in the 1980’s and 1990’s will recall seeing this meal doled out in their school cafeterias on a near weekly basis.

The questionable, once-popular food at the center of this garrulous article is the bologna sandwich.

Bologna, made of ground meat such as pork, beef, chicken and turkey, was the star of a sandwich that was found on numerous school cafeteria lunch trays in the 20th century.

And it’s celebrated Monday, October 24.

If you’re not familiar with bologna, Mashed describes its claim to fame by saying, “Bologna sandwiches proved to be an easy lunch option that schools could provide to children without breaking the bank.”

But the food fell out of good standing with U.S. citizens when a little issue called ‘health’ came into play. When researchers revealed that eating less processed meats -such as bologna- can reduce one’s risk of bowel cancer, America distanced itself from the once-popular sandwich.

In this regard, Mashed says, “Bologna should be a sometimes food if you simply can’t resist the urge to indulge. The World Health Organization has classified processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen, like cigarettes and alcohol — which means they recommend it should be avoided entirely.”

So, should any brave souls find themselves in the mood for a midnight snack, they might consider celebrating National Bologna Day with a loathed classic, the bologna sandwich.

For the truly courageous, a Fried Bologna Sandwich recipe is detailed below.

That said, it may be safer to enjoy a nice turkey sandwich and simply pretend it’s bologna.



  • Put oil in a frying pan and heat to med. high.
  • Put slit in bologna from middle to all the way through the end.
  • Put bologna in heated oil.
  • Brown both sides.
  • Add cheese to top while last side is browning.
  • Spread mustard on both sides of bread.
  • Add bologna between slices and gobble it up!

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Recipe Creator: Chef Mommie