BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Since the early 1990’s, Starbucks has become a staple of American culture. 

A recent article from Vine Pair revealed there are over 15,000 Starbucks locations in the U.S. and just over 100 in Louisiana alone. 

With fall just around the corner, the popular coffeehouse chain is poised to reintroduce some of its seasonal specialties to the menu.

Customers can’t get enough of the following autumn specialties, which will be added to local Starbucks’ menus Tuesday, August 30:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
  • Apple Crisp Macchiato – now made with oat milk

When Starbucks fans aren’t happily sipping their pumpkin spice lattes, Tasting Table says they’re busily consuming one of the chain’s most popular drinks: The Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso. 

If you haven’t tried one of these, it’s made with a healthy dose of espresso, but has only 120 calories per 16-ounce cup. 

While this highly caffeinated beverage is a fan favorite across the nation, Eat This, Not That! says local Starbucks customers in Louisiana tend to go straight for the secret menu and order a Mermaid Frappuccino. 

This secret drink is essentially a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with an addition of freeze-dried blackberries sporting a drizzle of green matcha and syrup that’s been topped with whipped cream.

Now that you know far too much about Starbucks’ most popular drinks, why not conclude with one final fun fact about the iconic coffeehouse chain? 

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, there is a U.S.-based Starbucks location where baristas will never get a customer’s name wrong. This is because they’ve been specifically trained to never ask customers for their names.

Here’s why: The CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia has its own Starbucks. And for security reasons, its one of the few locations in the U.S. where baristas aren’t allowed to take customer’s names. 

Well, in any case, we hope you enjoy the seasonal favorites that will make their return to Starbucks menus this week.