Editor’s Note: This article has been changed to reflect that Brandon Boyd is a nurse assistant, not a nurse. We regret the error.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Brandon Boyd is a nurse assistant at the Topeka VA Hospital. Sometime after his 12-hour shift, someone smashed in his car window and stole his bag.

But it wasn’t just any bag. It belonged to his father who was in the military. And it’s one of his only memories of him.

The camouflage military bag held his thermometer, pulse checking device and stethoscope.

Boyd is diabetic and inside that bag was also his medication. It will cost him $2,000 if he wants to replace the medicine to get him through the end of May.

“Don’t nobody deserve to have their stuff broken into,” Boyd said. “We’re all going through a hard time. We just need to be considerate.”

He paid hundreds to fix his window and is now working on a way to pay for his medicine.

But he’s not asking for money, just for people to more kind to one another during the pandemic.

“This is a time that we need to come together, not tearing each down,” Boyd said.