Today: Dry weather sticks around again. Partly cloudy skies persist. More high clouds are possible today as Hurricane Pamela off of Mexico’s Pacific Coast was ripped apart, with moisture streaming mostly into Texas. This will lead to possible flooding in Texas but possibly lead to one or two stray showers this evening. Highs in the upper-80s to near 90 degrees with high humidity. Overnight lows near 70 degrees. 

Friday-Sunday: A cold front will likely push through late or overnight on Friday into Saturday. This will lead to some big changes in the weather forecast. Friday will start like other days in the week, warming into the upper-80s with humid conditions and partly cloudy skies. But then the front could come through late. Along the passage of the front, expect a quick shower or thunderstorm. Saturday highs will be back in the mid-70s with overnight lows dropping in the low-50s. Some could see the first 40-degree temperatures of the season north of Baton Rouge! Sunday will be sunny, less humid and see highs staying in the low-70s. 

Monday-Tuesday: The weather remains quiet and cool with only slight warming. Highs on Monday near 76 and on Tuesday near 78. Overnight lows remain in the 50s but do warm to the mid-to-upper-50s.  

Tracking the Tropics: 1 tropical wave has a low chance of development in the Atlantic. It does not a threat to Louisiana.