A drier and mostly clear start to the day. The clear skies help warm us up back to the low 90s and upper 80s. In our evening a few storms move through the area. Some could be strong storm with plenty of rainfall and lightning. Still plenty of moisture for humidity to make it feel warmer.  

Today: Evening Storms. Highs near 89.  

Tonight: Clearing out. Lows near 71. 

Tomorrow: Late storms and showers. Highs near 88. 

The rain gear will be your friend this week. Rain chances stay all week.  Friday we see a few more storms compared to the other days. Temperatures overall stay on the cooler side with mid to upper 80s. Overnight lows are slightly cooler as well with mid to low 70s. The weekend we see a decrease in the rain chances but not completely clear. Next week we get a break from the rain chances. We dry out for a little with temperatures in the upper 80s.