MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– Cooler temperatures are a prime time for deer to be on the move. Dusk and dawn are the times that deer are mostly seen, which is also the hardest times of the day to spot them. Louisiana State Police gave us tips to stay safe while driving now that deer are on the move.

Master Trooper Javier Laija said, “During the months of October to January we see a lot of deer activity on the highways and on other public roadways as well. Right now, deer are most active at dusk and dawn and these are the times of the day that your vision is the most compromised, so make sure you have your headlights on.”

Laija also gave tips on what you should do if you do see deer on the road. When you’re driving, look for the yellow signs. They have the deer on them. These signs are posted in high traffic areas for deer. Just remember, deer are pack animals, and they rarely travel alone. If you see one cross a highway, be looking for other deer. They’ll be right behind it. In the event that you should see a deer on the highway, stay in the travel lane and stay in the middle of your travel lane. Don’t swerve because that just makes a bad situation worse. “

Laija said what to do if you hit a deer. In the event you have a deer crash, call the authorities. If a deer is in a roadway, don’t try to move it yourself. Wait for the authorities to get there and they can help you remove the deer.