Tonight: Partly Cloudy. Lows near 68. 

Tomorrow: Mostly Clear. Highs near 90. 

 Clear skies and some humidity will add to the heat we see. It will feel one or two degrees warmer. This pattern continues for the next couple of days. Overnight lows are in the upper 60s and 70s.  

A cold front slowly moves in on Thursday night and early Friday. This will bring some showers to our area on Friday. Early in the day we will see showers and storms. The cold front pushes these out for the rest of the day. Temperatures do not cool down with this front. We get drier air making it less humid.  

The cold front moves back North. That keeps slight showers on Saturday. Temperatures warm back up to the upper 80s. Humidity comes back as well. The weekend feels a bit like summer.