PEORIA, Illinois (KETK/NBC) – Two young boys in Illinois were robbed of their hard-earned cash while they were running a lemonade stand in their yard last week.

In surveilance video provided by neighbors, two males believed to be teenagers approach the stand. One of them displays what looks like a firearm and then quickly snatches the cash box.

There was roughly $30 inside the box. One of the boy’s fathers called the situation “terrifying” but was moved by how the neighbors responded. Some paid $20 for a glass after they heard what happened.

“One guy in particular he came back like a half-hour later and he had all these bags of chips and candy and everything and he’s like hey you can sell this at your stand…and helped set it up, so many people just stopped and said things to the boys like don’t quit, don’t let this discourage you.”

Nathan Peterson