BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – There’s no mistaking the lunchtime rush a the Chicken Shack on Acadian Thruway.

“2 piece. Leg and a thigh. Especially on Tuesday. That’s the special. $1.61. Can’t beat it” laughed Reginald and Tommy Delpit,.

Hard to beat; a menu full of great eats.

“Sweet potatoes, lemon zest pies, homemade sides, candied yams, mustard greens, potato salad, mac and cheese, cornbread dressing, meatloaf, smothered chicken, baked chicken, baked porkchops, smoked porkchops. Anything you can imagine we have it” said Delpit.

87 years after its founding in south Baton Rouge, the Chicken Shack continues to bring people and community together.

“If I came to work one day and I didn’t feel like cooking I wouldn’t, because the love wouldn’t be there but that’s never happened” said Tommy Delpit,. “So I’m continuing on. The Chicken Shack is synonymous with South Baton Rouge. Everybody in South Baton Rouge knows about the Chicken Shack” he said.

Both Tony and Reggie started working in the family business when they were nine years old.

“I got a call from grandma she was like you want to come work? And I was like yes maam, and I started when I was nine years old. probably serving cold drinks and wiping tables, we start pretty young” said Reginald.

“We liked to tease daddy. We called him Chicken Shack Joe because he was born in the kitchen of the Chicken Shack on Lettsworth Street. He used to get mad at us for calling him Chicken Shack Joe” Tommy laughed.

Being in the business for so long, the Delpits have seen much around them change. From their original location on Lettsworth close to 100 years ago, to three franchises around town. The Delpits say the sky is the limit.

“My goal is to actually put a Chicken Shack next to every McDonalds they have” said Reginald. “McDonalds you know is in other countries so hopefully we can get there someday. That’s my dream” he said.

And if you ever wondered what made the chicken so ‘knuckle sucking good’…

“It’s a secret. I can’t tell you because if I did I’d have to kill you because they’d kill me if I tell you. So I just leave it like that it’s a secret” Delpit said.