BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) In March, as the coronavirus pandemic closed schools and businesses and forced millions to stay home, Sloane Ivy came up with the perfect pandemic project.

“I actually saw a Jane Austen candle… and I wanted a Maya Angelou candle and I couldn’t find one and that’s where the idea was birthed” said Ivy. “The next thing I knew, my mom had YouTubed how to make candles and had bought a candle making kit and boom we were doing it” she said.

Together with her mom, a healthcare hero fighting the pandemic on the front line, the two started making homemade soy candles. Today, what started as a pandemic project has turned into ‘Our Kindred Candles’, a movement of cultural representation.

“I’m a big believer in elevating and highlighting things that represent you in your house” Ivy said. “This is why we particularly said Black authors, Black movies, Black TV shows , Black culture to highlight the great stories and storytellers there” said Ivy.

From Black authors like James Baldwin and Langston Hughes, to critically acclaimed films like Brown Sugar, Coming to America and Waiting to Exhale, this mother-daughter duo is involved in the process from start to finish; though they say creating the perfect scent is the best part.

“I’ll take Love Jones for example. It’s love, but it’s a complicated and messy love and then it’s very Black. It’s Chicago, it’s the 90’s, it’s poetry, you feel like the boldness of it” Ivy explained. “Wo we made a bold absinthe kind of… but it’s also strawberry because it’s love. The longer you let it cure, the better it will smell” she said.

And she’s hoping it’s more than just the smell that lingers with you.

“I do think this is an untapped market” Ivy said. “I want to continue to go and grow and celebrate the things that we love with other people that love it as well” she said.

To learn more about Our Kindred Candles, visit their website here.