BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – At Uptown Climbing in Baton Rouge, it’s the vertical limit that does not exist.

“I’d say it’s more accessible than most activities out there with the exception of walking or stuff you can do without any equipment” said co-owner Lee Guilbeau.

Guilbeau and Robb Antrobus opened the indoor sport climbing facility off Coursey Boulevard in 2017.

“It’s a growing sport” said co-owner Robb Antrobus. “There are now over 500 climbing gyms across the country so it’s been growing pretty rapidly over the last decade or so” he said.

Sport climbing is growing so rapidly that it’s making its debut as an Olympic sport in the Toykyo Olympics.

“You have to have climbing technique, be able to hold your body in certain positions and solve what’s in front of you” Antrobus explained. “It’s not just climbing a ladder, although it can be that easy… it’s also trying to figure out that unique body position to get you up that route without falling. And that’s the challenge for the Olympian… they only get one chance. In sport climbing if you fall you’re out” Antrobus said.

At Uptown Climbing, you can test your skills in some of the same three Olympic disciplines; Lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering.

“We’re going to give you a detailed orientation show you what’s in the gym” Antrobus said. “Get you harnessed up and in your shoes. We have several areas you can climb in… we have our grand island where he have ropes and auto belay climbing… we’ve got rope climbing which are the red ropes you see behind me and we have bouldering on the mezzanine you can climb there just as easily” he said.

Antrobus says climbing is for anyone.

“We have people who drive by walking off the street to kind of see what’s in the business and they’re on the wall before they know it” he said. “Our demographic as I like to say is ages 7-70”.

That’s as long as you can overcome the physical endurance and mental toughness it takes to succeed.

“Being comfortable with huge road blocks, hitting hurdles and figure out that first solution might not be the best” said Guilbeau. “Being okay with getting shut down over and over again and still having hope that you can succeed and overcome those obstacles is a huge sign of success” he said.

You can learn more about Uptown Climbing and what they have to offer by visiting their website here.