GROVE CITY, Ohio (WCMH) – More people are wearing gloves when out in public because of COVID-19 and with that is coming an avoidable problem — littering. Some people are throwing their used gloves on ground instead of in trash cans. 

“Should be in the trash can,” Amanda Hyle said. “If you’re gonna use precaution, like safety things, you should throw them away.”

She was grocery shopping in Grove City and saw used gloves on the ground. She’s seen them other places too. 

“It’s everywhere. It’s just really upsetting,” she said. 

NBC4 saw used gloves on the ground in Columbus and Hilliard as well. Along with one of the gloves in Hilliard was a used mask. In Grove City, a bike patrol officer noticed used gloves on the ground in several different areas so the department posted on Facebook reminding people to properly throw used gloves away.  

“A lot of the comments we got on social media after we posted it was you really shouldn’t have to tell people to pick up their trash and to not throw it down,” said Tom Durflinger, Community Relations Supervisor with the Grove City Police Department. “Just be conscious of what you’re doing. Just be considerate of everybody else.”  

He also says the department is used to seeing other litter around but the gloves are new. 

“It’s littering for one, which is wrong and it can contaminate people so we just want to keep everybody safe, that’s our goal,” Durflinger said.

According to police, people can be fined for throwing gloves on the ground just like any other form of littering but they’re hoping it doesn’t get to that.