BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – After a violent streak of crime terrorizing Baton Rouge, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul held a press conference Thursday to address public concerns.

“Over the last two weeks it’s very clear that we have seen an influx of incidents,” Broome said.

As of Tuesday, the East Baton Rogue Coroners Office reports that there have been 103 homicides in 2022 alone, not including the four shootings that occurred Wednesday night over a six-hour span. Paul said the plan is to increase the police presence in micro areas with known gun violence.

“We understand the recent incidence are concerning to this community they are concerning to me they are concerning our police officers,” Paul said. “We’ve made more than3,100 felony arrests this year.”

Based on shooting data that is tracked and posted on the BRPD website, they are able to pinpoint where to add an extra level of protection.

“In the first district you will see heavy law enforcement presence, you will see our tactical units, you will see our k-9, you will see aviation units,” said Paul.

He also identified eight gangs or groups in Baton Rouge.

“Investigative intelligence which suggested that gun violence between specifically identified gangs in our city are looming,” said Paul.

The other concern for the city is the release of repeat criminals after the make bail. Including Luke Simmons who is now wanted for a separate murder, after bonding out.

“Our detective investigated developed Luke Simmons as a suspect, and we learned in that process that we had just arrested him from another homicide, he bonded out on that particular homicide and he committed another.”

LSU student Allison Rice was murdered Friday morning and her boss and Co-Owner of the Shed Chez Ciccone said that he is not buying that the city is being as tough on crime as they claim.

“The Chief himself gave two examples of two people both out on murder accusations and rearrested for a third or they are in the process of looking for them on a third, that doesn’t sound like you are tough on crime, these people ought to be sitting in prison waiting on trial,” Ciccone said.

The award that leads to an arrest and indictment for the murder of Allison Rice is now $37,500, the bulk of which has been donated by the public.

If you have a tip on any crime the police urge you to call crime stoppers at (225)344-STOP.