BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – This October, as local temperatures drop and fall’s refreshing breezes wind their way around the capital area, the sun continues to take center stage by keeping the city warm.

For some, this means sunblock purchased over summer continues to come in handy.

We’re often told to be wary of the harmful effects of too much exposure to sun. Experts agree that while UVB rays can put a person at risk of skin cancer, UVA rays can trigger aging, wrinkling, and loss of elasticity. These are all reasons to keep sun safety in mind.

But for some people, a balanced amount of sun exposure can be healthy.

According to WebMD, when certain individuals are exposed to small amounts of sun, they experience improved emotional well-being and an increase in their body’s production of certain nutrients.

For example, experts say the sun’s UV rays help the body produce Vitamin D, which is key in protecting our bones, blood cells, and immune system.

When it comes to improving one’s mood, the sun can do wonders for certain people because it “helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, and that can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and focused,” according to WebMD.

In this regard, idividuals who suffer from Season Affective Disorder (SAD) and other forms of depression are often treated with artificial light in hopes of upping their serotonin levels.

While being in the sun can be beneficial to some, caution is urged.

Individuals with certain illnesses or who take certain medications should consult with their doctor before seeking out sunlight for its possible health benefits.