WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — It appears the final push to motivate voters on issues like the economy and abortion is working since early numbers indicate there could be record voter turnout for a midterm election.

Republicans are banking on concerns about inflation driving voter support.

“Inflation is very high and of course that’s going to mean that voters will take their anger out on the incumbent Democrats,” said Todd Belt with the George Washington Political Management Master’s Program.

Former President Donald Trump is also trying to deliver on the campaign trail.

“Biden and the far left lunatics are waging war on your jobs, your safety, your values and your freedom,” Trump said.

But First Lady Jill Biden said it’s Republicans who are trying to take people’s freedoms. “A Republican majority will attack women’s rights and affordable health care,” she said.

While the White House said inflation is a top concern, Principal Deputy Communications Director Kate Berner said the president “is taking action to reduce inflation and reduce the every day expenses families struggle with.”

President Biden wants voters to focus on a bigger picture. He said it’s dangerous to select candidates who reject election results.

“These deniers are not only trying to deny your right to vote,” Biden said.”They’re trying to deny your right to have your vote counted.”

The White House is trying to remain optimistic.

“Our democracy has held before and it will hold again,” Berner said.

Beyond concerns about election deniers, there are also concerns about efforts to disqualify mail ballots in swing states and voter intimidation at the polls.