WATCH: Former Duck Dynasty star helping women with drug addictions turn their life around with a job

Kicking drug addiction is difficult as is, but it makes it even harder when your criminal record makes employers throw out your application.

A former Duck Dynasty star’s business is giving women a second chance and it’s proving just how powerful one can be.

Today, Charlie Roane is the office manager at a jewelry company in West Monroe, but that hasn’t always been the product she’s pushed.

“I really liked the money from selling drugs. I was more addicted to the lifestyle of selling the drugs than I was actually being on drugs,” said Roane.

She’s open about her past as a drug abuser and dealer.

Roane said,”From the time I was 18 until I was 22, I was arrested about 9 times for several felonies and numerous misdemeanors.” 

Now she’s turned her life around, and been sober 7 years, in part thanks to her job at Laminin by Missy Robertson.

The company was started by Robertson to give local women a chance to rebound from drug addiction.

“A lot of businesses don’t want to give these women a second chance because they’re too big of a risk. But that’s what Jesus does for us everyday,” said Robertson.

Every one of Laminin’s current employees come from a past of drug abuse.
While the business aims to makes some great jewelry, Robertson will tell you the most important thing they produce is changed lives.

Robertson said, “For them to walk through the door usually with their heads down — not really knowing exactly how to respond to a second chance, third chance, fourth chance — to now, they’re running this company.” 

Roane says she’s just one living testimony of that.

“Laminin has given me a purpose because I felt like I had squandered the potential I had for my life. Every day I get to come to work and I’m blessed by the people I work with. I’m blessed by Missy, by Jase,” said Roane.

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