LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) – Rain plowed through our viewing area on Monday afternoon and left some residents a little wet in Livingston Parish.

This is what it looked like in Denham Springs.

Viewer submitted photo

One local resident who lives off of South Range Ave. took this picture around 3:30 p.m.

The Denham Springs resident claims that this road floods whenever it rains like it did on Monday.

They said it took three hours or so for the water to finally recede.

The Denham Springs resident had this to say about the flooding in the area, “I think the flooding is happening way too frequently. We shouldn’t feel panic every time it rains, because we know water will come up to our door. I feel like our neighborhood is neglected when it comes to drains being cleaned. I never see anyone out here clearing them.”

This on the other hand is what the scene looked like in Walker during and after the rain on Monday.

Dennie Mathis lives in Walker and the above pictures were taken on Arnold Rd. at Phillips Ln.

Mathis has had a similar experience to the previously mentioned Denham Springs resident in that lots of rain brings flooding to their front door.

Mathis points out that the featured image in this story shows what it looks like from her porch.

At times, that water can rise up to three feet depending on the amount of rain.

Mathis lives next to a canal which fills up quickly and drainage is not what it should be in the area, according to the Walker resident.

Despite adding some drainage to his yard, the water can still amass quickly when it pours outside.

Mathis says that the canal needs to be cleaned out in the worst way and the culverts under Arnold Rd. are not big enough to deal with heavy rain.

Next time it rains, Mathis says he may break out a fishing rod and catch some fish from his front yard.