Tonight: Mostly clear skies and chilly Lows near 32. 

Tomorrow: Sunny skies with slight warmer temperatures. Highs near 60. 

A cool day for the middle of the week. Highs got to the mid 50s, with plenty of sunshine. As we head into the evening temperatures cool back down. Most areas with see at freezing temperatures. One or two areas will get just below freezing. Thursday is a bit warmer and sunny. Temperatures get into the low 60s. Another cold front is headed our way Friday. This front is dry but brings our temperatures back down. Overnight lows get below freezing and highs stay in the low 50s.  

Saturday stays chilly in the low 50s. Sunday warm air comes back to our area. Highs are back to normal before the week starts. The first half of the week area expected to be above average in the upper 60s and Wednesday in the low 70s. Rain is expected overnight Monday to Tuesday. We don’t dry out till the end of the week. Rain is expected back on Thursday.