BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – As of Wednesday, September 7, National Beer Lovers Day has arrived.

It’s the holiday that encourages fans of the rich, malty beverage to gather with friends and fill everyone’s glass with the ice-cold, frothy beverage.

Which culture made beer first?

Beer has been enjoyed since ancient times, and some of those early civilizations associated the beverage with their religious beliefs, viewing it as a ‘divine drink.’

For example, some historians say the Sumerians, a people who lived in the area now known as Southern Iraq, were one of the first cultures to pen a recipe for beer.

One source says, “The first solid proof of beer production comes from the period of the Sumerians around 4,000 BCE… Archeologists also found an ode to Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing. This poem also contained the oldest known recipe for making beer using barley from bread.”

The poem explains that the beloved ancient brew was made by female priestesses.

Thousands of years later, when the Babylonians took over the region, the mighty empire also established the consumption of beer as a key aspect of its culture.

The website, History touches on this by explaining that the Babylonians even created laws centered around how much beer citizens were allowed to drink.

History says, “The Code of Hammurabi decreed a daily beer ration to citizens. The drink was distributed according to social standing: Laborers received two liters a day, while priests and administrators got five. At the time, the drink was always unfiltered, and cloudy, bitter sediment would gather at the bottom of the drinking vessels. Special drinking straws were invented to avoid the muck.”

Modern breweries

These days, beer does not typically contain any “muck” but it is made in a variety of unique flavors.

For example, Other Half Brewing Company, which is known for creating oddly flavored beers, rolled out a Magic Dips Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream beer that was featured in a 2021 article.

It’s described as having a creamy consistency blended with strawberries and cacao nibs to create a rich and unforgettable flavor.

But foodies who prefer salty over sweet when it comes to strange alcoholic beverages might want to try Evil Twin Brewing’s Spicy Nachos beer. It’s said to taste exactly what it sounds like- namely, a huge plate of spicy nachos. says the brewski has “a heavy jalapeno smell with some mango hidden in there as well.”

Local breweries and distilleries

If you’d like to drop by one of the capital region’s distilleries or breweries, you might want to try one of the locations below:

Tin Roof Brewing Company

1624 Wyoming Street

Cypress Coast Brewing Company

5643 Government Street

Rally Cap Brewing Company

11212 Pennywood Avenue

Agile Brewing

14141 Airline Highway, Suite 4J

Istrouma Brewing

5590 Bayou Paul Road

St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Oxbow Rum Distillery

760 St. Philip Street