HAMMOND, La. (BRPROUD) – Southeastern Louisiana University is still working to restore all of its networks after having to take them offline more than a week ago. For almost two weeks now, students like Phoebe, Baileigh, and faculty at Southeastern Louisiana University have not been able to access any of their systems due to a cyber security threat.

“We have no wi fi. There’s barely any service to text on campus. We can’t access any of our materials online, none of our books, anything like that at all,” Phoebe Brandon, Freshman, SLU. University officials have told faculty and students to continue to run classes as normal. But students tell me that learning right now is a challenge. “We’re still expected to have our tests. So we have no study material, no homework that we can look back at without being able to do the homework for the lecture. We’re not getting that extra emphasis,” Brandon continued.

On top of worrying about midterms, Phoebe Brandon, says some students have been experiencing their information being hacked. “Lots of students have had like extra spam emails, extra spam calls, lots of students they had like the text alert,” she explained. Another student worries about her school semester being affected. “It could delay … our term classes end next week,” claimed Baileigh Picou, Student Government Association.

SLU President of UL Systems, Jim Henderson, says they are doing the best they can to get things back to normal. “When you bring everything down, then you have to bring these components back up one at a time,” he explained. Which could take months, Henderson says they are working with Louisiana State Police to figure out what caused this issue. In the meantime, they are partnering with other companies to create temporary fixes. He continued, “We’ve reached out to partners like AT&T and Verizon to help us with those kinds of things.”

Internet is expected to be back as early as tomorrow. University leaders are making sure this will not interfere with students’ grades.