WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday travel, the West Monroe Police Department, and the Louisiana State Police are reminding motorists about travel safety laws.

“I don’t drive tired for one. So, don’t drive tired. A lot of people are on the road, so do the speed limit. Don’t go crazy,” one traveler, Buck Rogers, said.

West Monroe Captain C.J. Beck says the department will be increasing patrols to enforce traffic safety.

“So, during the holidays, we have more traffic on the roadways. Therefore, the traffic is congested. We need people to take more time to make sure they are not texting while driving, and to also wear their seatbelts. And make sure child seats are on properly.”

Officials say the increase in travel could potentially lead to an increase in motor vehicle crashes. The West Monroe Police was recently awarded with a $152,000 grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to provide overtime funding to enforce Speed Related Laws, DWI’s and more.

“During those times, we will have Occupant Protection checkpoints, and Sobriety checkpoints. Those checkpoints are designed to minimize the inconvenience of traffic, but also to let motors know that we are out there.”

In the meantime, public information officer for the Louisiana State police Ryan Davis says troopers will be expecting an increase in traffic. Therefore, they will be applying additional manpower to patrol.

“So, we are going to be looking for distracted motorists. Drivers who are driving aggressively either by speeding. We are going to be in and out of traffic tailgating things like that and seatbelt usages. It’s been proven to decrease your risk of serious body injuries and death. We will be out enforcing seat belt tickets.”

“People have the tendency to hup in the back, and not put on their seatbelts. I’m always telling them, please put on your seatbelt. When the car stops, you are going to keep moving, so the seatbelt is very vital,” another traveler, Sunny Sarai said.

“My goes is nothing better except get my wife and I up there safely. Everything else doesn’t matter,” Rogers added.

If you need help installing your child’s cars seat or don’t have one, the West Monroe Police Department provides these services at no cost.