BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Like a quilt made from a multitude of fabrics and patterns, each of the cultures in our global community has its own unique way of celebrating joyous occasions.

During a traditional wedding reception in Russia, it wouldn’t be uncommon for guests to cheer the new couple on as they compete against each other in a game of ‘who can dress a doll the fastest.’

In parts of Nigeria, some celebrate the Omabe festival by donning masks and dancing for spectators.

Across the globe, special occasions like weddings and holidays set the stage for a variety of customs.

But when it comes to kicking back with friends for a simple night of fun, one of the most internationally embraced traditions is to serve the simple pairing of pizza and beer.

While the pizza is savory and filling, the beer helps to put everyone in a good mood.

It’s no wonder cultures the world over enjoy the pairing.

As this is the case, International Beer and Pizza Day falls on October 9.

Origins of beer and pizza

According to National Today, beer consumption dates as far back as 5000 B.C. in the Middle East before it made it’s way to international fame. The website also points out the origin of pizza has roots in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

But the slice of pie that we’d recognize today as pizza is reportedly traced back to a Greek settlement in Italy that was founded in about 600 B.C., at that time, pizza was a cheap, fast-food that was a favorite of the working class.

Where to get pizza and beer in Baton Rouge

These days, people of all social classes and cultures are fans of pizza and beer.

In the capital area, these fans can enjoy the beloved pairing at the eateries listed below.

  • BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhosue- 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. #740
  • Red Zeppelin Pizza- 4395 Perkins Rd
  • City Slice Pizza and Pints- 124 W Chimes St.
  • Pizza Byronz- 8210 Village Plaza Ct.
  • Rotolo’s Pizzeria- 8342 Perkins Rd.
  • Schlittz & Giggles- 301 3rd St.
  • Isabella’s Pizzera- 10330 Airline Hwy.
  • Jabby’s Pizza- 18303 Old Perkins Rd. W
  • Rocca Pizzera- 3897 Government St.