CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Tara Storniolo-Riley says everyday she recounts the day her dogs got attacked on June 16th.

“I can’t leave my house,” she says. “I don’t want to take my other little dog for a walk.”

Storniolo-Riley was walking her Yorkie and her mother-in-law’s dog as well. She was a block away from her home when she noticed two pit bulls unleashed, and unattended coming towards her.

“Before I knew it the dogs were on top of my mother in-laws’ dog. I tried to pull the dogs away and I just screamed my head off until somebody heard me.”

Neighbors were able to stop the dogs from attacking. Lance Riley says the owner of the pit bulls has started to make amends. 

“The dog owners made a good faith payment,” added Lance Riley. “Not paid in full but only to reimburse for the veterinary expenses, cremation expenses, and the expense of the actual purchase of the dog.”

The Riley’s says they want to see something else done. They’ve already contacted their neighborhood HOA, and some living in the close-knit community wonder what would have happened if their child was outside at the time.”

“You hear about something like that, and it makes you really uneasy,” said Jason Steiner as his one-year-old son was in the yard. “Could be your kid.”

“If you’re a dog owner you should be responsible of your dog,” added Andi Caruso, after hearing about the attack. “Properly take care of them and keep them under control.”

Fox 46 did go to the owner of the pit bulls’ home, no one answered, but you could hear the dog scratching at the door.

The Riley’s say the owner was cited by animal control but the animals will not be confiscated. 

The North Carolina One Bit Rule, which says the owners needed to know their dogs were considered dangerous and the owners are not liable for the first attack.

“They’re not going to take them away,” said Storniolo-Riley. “From what I understand it’s first offense, they won’t.”

“The dog owner should surrender the dogs that would be the right thing to do,” added Lance Riley. “Instead of just paying for the mistake.”

Because money will not give the Riley’s peace of mind they need, they want to know the dogs that attacked them, won’t attack anyone else again.