After months of filing complaints with Republic Services and sending them pictures of trash left outside of her properties, property owner Amie Rabel says enough is enough.

“I’m demanding that they pick up the trash or I’m going to file a lawsuit against the city,” Rabel said.

She says after complaints were made, the city got back with her saying Republic Services were no longer going to pick up her trash because it was no longer considered a residential unit.

“I was told by Rick Spears that they weren’t going to pick it up because it was a fourplex and a fourplex was considered to be a piece of commercial property. Through [my] attorney I found out that wasn’t true,” she said. 

Her lawyer filed a demand letter. The very next day she says the trash at one of her properties was finally picked up.

Rabel isn’t the only one. Over in Gardere, property owner Carlos Padial says though Republic Services has gotten better he’s still frustrated all of his trash isn’t being picked up.

“The city’s contract with Republic [Services] is flawed and unless they change the contract, we’re going to have a continuation of this problem,” Padial said. 

Despite the complaints, a spokesperson for the mayors office says performance index dramatically improved since the June 14th press conference when the company, along with the mayor’s office, promised to improve pickup times.

Property owners like Rabel says she’s still demanding answers.