BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Navigating a serious illness is a multifaced process that often involves dealing with countless doctors, making tough decisions about treatments, and learning to manage physical pain.

Fortunately, there are a number of healthcare facilities in the Baton Rouge area that assist patients through every aspect of the processes that are listed above.

This way, patients don’t have to navigate such a challenging chapter of their lives solo, they have help.

Woman’s Hospital recently posted an article that another way that healthcare providers can help those with life-changing illnesses, such as cancer.

In view of May serving as National Mental Health Awareness Month, Woman’s encouraged those diagnosed with cancer to take some time to review the emotional and mental responses that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

The hospital stated, “Ignoring or avoiding those thoughts and feelings can complicate or even interfere with your overall recovery from cancer.”

Woman’s went on to remind patients that living with cancer is not just about survival, but about maintaining a certain quality of life.

So, patients are encouraged to talk to their doctors about how they’re feeling emotionally.

The hospital’s physicians also suggest trying a few of the suggestions listed below:

-Remember that it’s OK to feel sad and frustrated.
-Get help through counseling and/or support groups.
-Mindfulness activities such as yoga.
-Meditation, prayer or other types of spiritual support.
-Try deep breathing and relaxation exercises.
-Keep a journal.

The hospital stated, “If you are experiencing thoughts and feelings that are new, concerning, or controlling your quality of life…please communicate this to someone on your team. Your doctor, nurse, social worker, dietitian, physical therapist or chaplain can all help you to identify the next step and to provide some relief and support.”

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