BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – As the year counts down, politicians are gearing up for their decisions on if they’ll run for governor.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser said there are a few factors at play that will influence if he runs.

He has been teasing a run for governor for months. Now, the polling results will lead to the final decision.

“By the end of this year I think anyone who is making a run for it has to start being out there, raising money, putting a plan together to be a formal candidate,” Nungesser said. “So I am hoping the field will be cleared by then and we can make a good decision.”

A major factor will be on if Senator John Kennedy will run. The senator sent a statement to the press after the midterm election saying he is seriously considering a run. 

“He absolutely has to play into it. He’s a sitting senator and hopefully, he will make a decision one way or the other. Then I also believe a formidable democrat in this race will affect what the road looks like,” Nungesser said.

Kennedy has national recognition and is widely popular as seen by his landslide reelection win. Should Kennedy run and win, he will get to appoint who will fill his Senate seat temporarily. Nungesser said he plans to meet with him to see what his plans are.

“When he comes back from Washington we would sit down and talk,” Nungesser said.

Nungesser already is cluing people in on policies he would focus on. One topic is education. He believes improving education will also address issues such as crime and poverty in the state.

When it comes to a race against Attorney General Jeff Landry, Nungesser said grandstanding doesn’t work.

“You won’t see me on national TV unless it’s to talk about the good of Louisiana. Anybody who uses that platform to trash the state they live in…that’s not the way to do it,” Nungesser said.

He also emphasized he will not be using tourism dollars to promote himself for his campaign and that it will be coming out of pocket.

Nungesser will be running a poll with all potential candidates this December and will make an official announcement on his run by Jan. 10. He also is in talks with people who hope to run for Lt. Governor and are waiting to see if he will be vacating the seat or not.