What is your campaign website? Which social media accounts can people follow for
campaign updates?

Website: Daw4us.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daw4us
Instagram: @daw4us

What top three issues you think deserve your immediate attention in office?
Criminal Justice Reform
Election and Voting Security
Education and Healthcare

How would you compromise with members of opposing parties?
I fully intend to work on building relationships across party and ideological lines
in Congress. To do so, I will propose bipartisan bills and co-sponsor bills that I
believe will benefit all citizens and not just citizens of a particular party or
socioeconomic status.

What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?
The Black Lives Matter movement is a reaction to generations of systemic racism
and injustice in this country. It is a means for citizens–in a democratic republic–
to dissent and protest abuse of power in our police force. Statistically, minorities
are more likely to have a dis favorable encounter with law enforcement.
Dis favorable encounters fueled by violence and lethal force are not the officers’
mere reaction to an alleged crime or wrongdoing, but racial predispositions and
biases under-gird these officers’ intentions. The reality is that America has failed
to address and deal with racism properly for centuries. America’s silence and
lackadaisical attempt of redemption will continue to be the fault of this nation.
Moreover, marginalized communities have lost hope in legislators and the judicial
system. When harm is committed, citizens look to the courts for restitution and
restoration. However, officers are shielded from civil liability through qualified
immunity, even if it is factually found that the officer ran afoul the policies set
forth by the state, constitution, and department. In the “land of the free and the
home of the brave,” a badge should not be a license to commit a crime under the
guise and title of a public servant. The hard truth is that racism bleeds into every
faction and institution of this nation, and the Black Lives Matter is a constitutional
sociopolitical response to these injustices.

What needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?
We must eradicate qualified immunity. In every profession, if an employee fails
to abide by the rules set forth, repercussions follow. In the case of police officers,
they are shielded from civil liability. The American criminal justice system must
be overhauled with aggressive, yet necessary, legislation. We do not have to
defund the police per se, but we must demilitarize the police. When we transform
the criminal justice system, we will inevitably reform the prison industrial
complex. In doing so, I propose that Congress works toward;

  • abolishing private prisons
  • instituting minimum wage for incarcerated people
  • restoring voting rights for currently incarcerated persons
  • reforming the bail bond system
  • decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level
  • expunging criminal records for marijuana possession and distribution charges

Incarcerated and formerly citizens are treated as second class citizens. However, these
individuals pay their debt to society beyond the prison walls. Corporations and
state governments benefit from incarcerated persons free labor, yet the citizens are
not afforded the labor benefits (i.e. compensation, voting rights, community-based
resources, etc.) while in prison and after release.

Should police departments reconsider any of their policies in response to recent events? If
so, which policies deserve priority?

The overall goal is for our police departments to operate with the community in
mind. In order to make this institutional paradigm shift, specific systems will need
to be implemented, while others are prohibited. To start, police departments
should not use K9 dogs to employ force against citizens, especially protestors. I
experienced the inhumane use of a K9 attack dog. K9s should not be used to
viciously attack citizens in a democratic society. Moreover, we can redistribute
police funding to community-based education and diversion programs. The use of
attack dogs has implications from the Jim Crow era. There is enough evidence
from the civil rights movement footage that reminds America how K9s were
trained to attack men, women, and children of color, and dogs are still being
trained for that purpose.

Transparency is needed now more than ever. Therefore, I will advocate for a
nationwide excessive force database. The general public should have access to
records of excessive force because the goal is to have community policing. The
database should provide the excessive force report, alleged offense, the officer’s
name, badge number, and the officer’s previous precinct and agency’s actions.
Every citizen deserves access to LEOs history because the citizens essentially
employ these individuals through tax dollars.

Our citizens need to have full and total transparency with those entrusted to serve and protect their families.How would you rate the state’s — and the nation’s — coronavirus response? What would you want done differently?
I would rank Louisiana and the nation’s response as insufficient. Compared to the
tactics that European and Asian countries employed to flatten the curve,
America’s response is subpar at best. Unfortunately, our capitalistic desires cost
over 175,000 lives. I would have instituted a mandatory quarantine and
lock-down for at least 45 days. My other policies include:

  • Hazard pay for frontline workers
  • Redirecting substantial funding to the CDC, universities and public health organizations for research
  • Increasing funding for COVID-19 testing and
  • Monthly stimulus payments for families
  • Mortgage and rent freezes for marginalized communities
  • Mandatory positive COVID test reporting for businesses

Would you support any changes to the current healthcare system? What parts, if any,
need change?

Each year Louisiana’s healthcare system is ranked in the bottom third for
quality and access rankings. The state’s healthcare system is in need of an
overhaul. However, the nation’s healthcare system needs to be revamped as well.
As U.S. Representative, I plan to propose the FairCare Health Care Act in the first
hundred days. In summary, the Act will focus on closing the access gap for
marginalized community members by providing comprehensive health, dental and
behavioral healthcare coverage. Additionally, I support Medicare expansion by
lowering the qualifying age from 65 to 55.
We must change the current terminology for a single-payer option to a
government-paid premium. I also believe that child-carrier options should be the
parent’s decision to have their dependent child on their healthcare insurance plan.
This coverage should not be determined based on the dependent’s age, especially
considering that true financial and economic dependency is not necessarily
obtained by 26. At a minimum, we should carve out exceptions for dependents
enrolled at least part-time in a degree or trade program.

Where do you stand on gun ownership and the Second Amendment?
Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation for gun-related deaths as of March 2020. I
believe we should repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and
replace it with the Qualified Gun Ownership Act. The policy proposal will
● Universal Background Checks
● Concealed weapon certification through approved permits
● Psychological evaluations every 2 years
● No open carry
● Limitations for law enforcement officers use of lethal weapons
● Provide the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with funding
to research effective gun prevention policies as this is a public health issue
● Prevention of unlawful gun ownership by way of identity theft

Do you think our nation’s immigration system needs adjustment? What changes would
you support, if any?

We need to abolish ICE. It is absolutely unacceptable to lock human beings in
cages like animals. It is unacceptable to not provide immigrants with basic care
while they are under the United States jurisdiction. Our immigration processes are
archaic. We have to modernize and enhance the current immigration processes in
place. Our primary concern is always social welfare and safety in our society as a
whole. If undocumented immigrants seek refuge from illegal activity, genocide,
mass rape, sex trafficking, war, etc. in their home country, we should be a haven
for those individuals. Moreover, corporations who exploit undocumented
immigrants for labor should be fined, sanctioned, and required to provide them
with legal representation.

What steps would you support to strengthen the nation’s security?
As a cyber-security and identity theft professional, my utmost concern is securing the
electoral process from foreign interference. In a digitized world, we are no longer worried about
physical militia attacks, but also the insidious and virtual ones as well.

To safeguard the American electoral process, we must invest in voter education, election security, and technology. By trade, I am a cyber-security expert, and the impacts of foreign influence in our nation’s politics are blatant. Moreover, voter suppression is again on the rise. As a public servant, I value every citizen’s constitutional right to vote and voice their dissent or assent with the officials
representing their families and interests.

However, I also know that the reality is that many citizens have experienced voter suppression. We must incorporate voter awareness tools by first ensuring that citizens are fully aware of their constitutional rights, particularly our oppressed communities. Formerly incarcerated individuals, immigrants, and countless are misinformed of their civic duties and privileges regarding the polls. It is my job as a public servant to change that. To do so, we must give these individuals full and conspicuous disclosure of their rights upon release from prison and naturalization.

To combat these foreign influences in the electoral process, I created a system that would
prevent these forms of interference through data analytics and authentication. If elected into
Congress, I will relentlessly advocate for introducing a biometric security system akin to my
patent, iBioVote.

By instituting biometric security in the electoral process, we can secure that
each vote by requiring three to four human biometrics for each potential voter through an
authentication process. These factors include human iris, voice recognition, fingerprint
verification, and facial recognition.

iBioVote was designed in response to foreign interference in the recent elections. This
technology is election security technology by way of smartphone technology. Moreover, I
project that voter and civic participation will inevitably increase by advancing this microcosmic
voter enhancer because citizens will have increased access by casting a secured ballot through
their phones, which dwindles the need to vote by archaic means. This does not mean we will
eradicate the traditional voting methods, but rather voting in-person and by-mail will merely
supplement the voter technology.

Overall, I plan to eradicate voter suppression, which ultimately leads to people’s
oppression, regression, and depression. History has taught us that the voice of the unheard is the
primary cause of a societal downfall. My goal is to crusade against this cruelty against humanity
and democracy by advocating for fairness, transparency, and robust security in our electoral

Additionally, I plan to advocate for identity theft assurance and liabilities, especially for
America’s children.

This policy will (1) protect our children’s futures by defeating children’s
identity theft with increased penalties for criminal liability, (2) include incentivized tax cuts and
reimbursements for identity theft protection services, and (3) giving Small Business community
tax cuts that engage cyber security services to protect its consumers’ data.

What are your thoughts on climate change? What, if anything, should Congress do about

Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation for gun-related deaths as of March 2020. I believe we
should repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and replace it with the Qualified
Gun Ownership Act. The policy proposal will include:
● Universal Background Checks
● Concealed weapon certification through approved permits
● Psychological evaluations every 2 years
● No open carry
● Limitations for law enforcement officers use of lethal weapons
● Provide the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with funding to research
effective gun prevention policies as this is a public health issue
● Prevention of unlawful gun ownership by way of identity theft
Louisiana is experiencing direct impacts of the global climate change crisis. By 2050,
scientists estimate that Louisiana will have lost 640,000 acres of coastal wetlands. This is almost
1,000 square miles of marsh—or an area the size of Rhode Island—that will convert to open
water. Once elected into office, I will advocate for generating funding to research and
implementing legislation that will protect America’s coastal communities by:
● Building of coastal wall to help stop coastal erosion
● Reallocating national security funding from an inefficient mechanism along the border to
the coast.
● Switching our major industries from being gas and oil-dependent to green energy such as
solar and wind energy

Moreover, since carbon dioxide emissions from coal-powered plants account for the
majority source of emissions in the United States, I believe we need to require the Environmental
Protection Agency (“EPA”) the implement stricter regulations on corporations.

Would you vote in favor of spending bills that add to the deficit?
Yes, I would vote in favor of bills and budgetary increases that improve
healthcare deficiencies, the workforce, educational opportunities and
infrastructure enhancements, to name a few essentials, that improve the quality of
life for our local, regional and national communities as a country. Debt
acquisition is never a bad or wrong thing when undertaken for the right purpose in
the interest of public good.

Do you believe our current political system, namely on Capitol Hill, lacks civility? How
would you encourage civil discourse in Congress?

I will encourage civil discourse by remaining respectful to my colleagues’
viewpoints, but also constantly reminding them why we were elected in the first
place. We represent the republic and our constituents are counting on us to get the
job done. Our families’ livelihood and future generations are at stake. I will
swiftly negotiate and compromise across party lines by joining bipartisan bills. I
believe Capitol Hill needs humility, humanity, and a reminder of what true
leadership looks like in politics. Those are two characteristics that I plan

What other issues would you fight for in office?
During my first two years in Congress, I would also introduce legislation specific to
election security using “smart voter biometric technologies” to permanently solve the issues
surrounding voter suppression, oppression, repression and depression. Additionally, I would
introduce bills with the intent of creating the “Minority Business Administration,” as part of the
“Minority Business Act,” with a specific focus on creating equal economic opportunities for
black and brown communities, separate and apart from the Small Business Administration.