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Gordon “Trey” Bargas was born and raised in Baton Rouge. He has been married to Valerie Bargas, a local attorney, for 16 years. Mr. Bargas started with the BRPD in September of 1997. Mr. Bargas retired from the department in April 2018. Mr. Bargas was first assigned to uniform patrol.

Mr. Bargas spent more than 10 years in the traffic division, riding solo police motorcycles. Mr. Bargas worked as a Sergeant in uniform patrol during the flood of 2016; Mayor security under Kip Holden during Katrina; and as supervisor of criminal and traffic records. Mr. Bargas concluded his career with the BRPD, as supervisor of professional standards and extra duty.

Mr. Bargas supports law enforcement and police reform. Mr. Bargas supports the rule of law. Mr. Bargas does not support bad cops. Mr. Bargas completed over 20 years of clean service as a policeman. Mr. Bargas dealt with people from all walks of life, and has a proven track record of helping others.

Mr. Bargas and his family have been involved in the management of commercial real estate for over 30 years. Mr. Bargas obtained his current real estate license in 2015. Mr. Bargas has extensive ties to the Baton Rouge community, and looks forward to helping everyone in the parish move forward as the District 11 Council Person.

Campaign information:
Web site: www.friendsofgb3.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/friendsofgb3

What is your response to the Black Lives Matter movement?

It is the result of non universal treatment.

What do you think needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?

Where there is institutional racism, that needs to be addressed. From a community perspective, we need to treat each other fairly. This comes from the home and school etc.

Are you in favor of police reform? If so, what should it look like?

Yes. Reform discussion needs to include using body camera video for the report. There should not be written duplication or misinterpretation of the video by officers. This is also a time saver.

The police chief could possibly be elected, not appointed. This would make the chief more accountable to the community and not the mayor.

The police department could be represented by an insurance company. Police Pay for better cops. Holding the administration accountable with existing yearly performance evaluations from human resources. Adhering to the 60 day rule. Allowing officers to review supervisors from the bottom up, not just the top down. Changing police man power, to cut down on rail road charges.

What are your thoughts on how the U.S. has responded to the coronavirus pandemic? What would you want to be done differently?

My position on how the government has handled covid is irrelevant. As it pertains locally, we need to be aggressive and proactive to ensure our business community does not suffer.

Do you support more stimulus money? If so, how should Congress pay for the stimulus?

Yes, to promote people getting back to work.

What do you believe is the biggest issue constituents in the district you are running for are facing?

1) Crime
2) Drainage
3) Covid response and economical short falls from it. 4) Tax Exemption plans to entice businesses like Amazon, Buc-ee’s, and Exxon
5) Get rid of bad police.
6) Blight
7) Improved governance and or government efficiency
8) Business development
9) Police Pay
10) Trash Pick up
11) Sewer, Medians, Road Repair
12) Mosquito abatement
13) Traffic Enforcement
14) Attract and bring more public events
15) Promote stability
16) City beautification
17) Encourage growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
18) Remove unneeded regulations and barriers for startup businesses.
19) Transportation, and finding the revenues necessary for investing in our infrastructure. Getting to and from events etc.
20) Workforce Development to match the skills of our residents to the jobs that are needed.
21) Prepare our children for the jobs that are available today, and will be available in the coming years to attract growth.
22) Provide and properly maintain community amenities that make Baton Rouge a great place to live and play. Baton Rouge Lakes, bike paths, entertainment districts.

What are the principles of your campaign and why?

I am willing to work with everyone. Even those outside of my district. The council is a team and or group effort. Alienation has caused people to become disenfranchised with the council. We can do better.

Why do you feel that you are the perfect candidate for metro council?

My extensive hands on experience as a Baton Rouge City Police officer. We can not afford to defund police. We need to fund the police. We need to reform the police. I understand how to do that realistically. My business knowledge. Finally, my personal skills as a mediator, and someone who brings people together.

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