Milkovich: Heartbeat bill a spiritual response to NY, VA proposed bills

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State Senator John Milkovich (D) Shreveport says his proposed abortion legislation known as the Heartbeat Bill is taking a stand for the next generation of Louisiana, 
Opponents say it’s a campaign to control women’s bodies.

Milkovich believes his effort is part of a national and growing pro-life movement. 

“I am pro-life, anti-abortion, I believe that every child that’s murdered in the womb, it’s a crime against God, it’s a crime against humanity, and obviously against that child,” said Milkovich. 
The Democrat, who can often be seen in Senate chambers speaking in favor of conservative and Christian ideas, says his bill, which is similar to the abortion bills passed in Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio, reflects the conservative values of his district (38) in Northwest Louisiana,  

“Our platform is very simple, stop killing babies, let’s stand up for the next generation of Louisiana,” said Milkovich. 

If passed the Senate Bill 184 would make abortion illegal in Louisiana if a fetal heartbeat is detected. 

The bill advanced out of committee this week garnering support from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers. 

And even Governor John Bel Edwards, another pro-life Democrat has indicated he would sign the Heartbeat bill if it lands on his desk.

“I have not had an opportunity to talk to him about this particular bill, I have read the reports in the media and his statements that he intends to sign the bill and we still have to get it through the House we’re not there yet, so we encourage people to continue to pray, and that will be a great statement, this is an area where Louisiana can be number one in America, standing up for the lives of the unborn,” said Milkovich. 

And while he’s seen lots of support in the Louisiana legislature, he is also seeing opposition.
While pushing Senate Bill 184 through committee pro-choice advocates pushed back.
“There is no doubt this bill is unconstitutional,” Ellie Schilling, a New Orleans attorney told lawmakers just before the panel voted to advance the Heartbeat Bill. 

Now the bill must be debated and voted on in the House. A date for that crucial encounter between pro-life and pro-choice lawmakers has not been scheduled yet.

“It is part of a spiritual, moral, and righteous response I believe to the legislation like New York’s and Virginia’s where they basically said we place little or no value on the lives of the unborn,” said Milkovich. 

He’s referring to proposed laws in those states that sought to relax late-term abortion restrictions. 
Even if Milkovich’s proposed legislation arrives at the Governor’s desk, where it’s likely to be signed, the bill will have to withstand scrutiny from the higher courts. 

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