BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Tuesday night, Senator John Kennedy sailed through the election to secure his seat in the U.S. Senate for another six years. He finished out the race with a clear win of 62%.

“I am so grateful. I mean really this win has taken my breath away,” Sen. Kennedy said.

Speculations are already swirling on if Kennedy will make a bid for Louisiana governor, which he did not respond to when questioned on election night. Kennedy said he is focusing on returning to Capitol Hill to tackle the key issues he campaigned on; crime and energy production.

“It’s not a perfect world, folks, and I cannot promise you that I will win every fight. But I will promise you this, as long as I have a breath in my body and until you tell me to come home, by God, I will refuse to be beaten,” Sen. Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s opponents performed higher than some expected, even without numbers to start a runoff. Luke Mixon ended with 13% support.

“I love this country. I love this state. I think we need responsible leaders to represent our state. I thought I could do that and obviously, the voters of Louisiana chose someone else and that’s fine. That’s how democracy should work,” Mixon said.

Gary Chambers came in at 18% and he made clear this will not be the last of him in Louisiana elections. The liberal candidate is putting pressure on his own state party.

“We see this as a reflection of people who have been disenfranchised. I don’t blame the voters that didn’t show up, I blame the system that doesn’t work for them,” Chambers said. “When you look at Louisiana and what we’ve done, we raised a million dollars, we beat a candidate endorsed by the governor, we beat the candidate the Democratic Party chose to try to divide us with, and had we had a unified front, we know we really would have given John Kennedy a run for his money.”

Sen. Kennedy, who raised millions of dollars for his campaign, will head back to Washington after the predicted Red Wave across the nation didn’t have nearly the impact expected.