Senator John Kennedy on border trip: It’s like a zoo.

Senator John Kennedy is one of 18 Republican U.S. senators who took a trip to the U.S. Mexico border recently.

He’s now back in his home state of Louisiana.

“One of two things is going on here, either President Biden believes in open borders, or the people he’s put in charge of immigration policy, they may be smart, but they don’t have any sense,” said Kennedy.

Thousands of migrants have arrived at the border to enter the United States. Reportedly Texas facilities are housing more than 4000 migrants.

Republicans have said this latest surge is due to President Joe Biden’s policies on immigration.
“In the last four years the Trump administration and the republican congress had secured the border, we were called racists for doing it, but we pressed on. President Biden inherited the most secure border we’ve had in my lifetime,” said Kennedy.

That’s not the only criticism the Biden administration is fending off these days, in addition to the packed facilities, journalists, initially have been denied access inside. Biden said he’s committed to transparency once his policies are in place.

When asked if he saw journalists denied access Senator Kennedy replied, “Oh yes, President Biden has issued orders that no media be allowed in. He could not stop us from going in there.”
Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas posted a video on social media in which he attempted to take video of the migrants inside the holding cells, but was interrupted by a woman later identified as a staffer for President Biden. While trying to block the view she could be heard telling Senator Cruz “Please respect the dignity and privacy of these people,” and “This is not a zoo.”

“Well the way Biden and his people have housed these folks, it’s like a zoo, they’re the ones treating these folks inhumanely,” said Kennedy.

Reporters were eventually given some access. According to the Associated Press, on Tuesday, the Biden administration allowed journalists to go in the detention facility for migrant children in Donna Texas. They reported that it was a severely overcrowded tent structure where more than 4,000 people, including children and families, were put into a space intended for 250. The youngest were reportedly kept in a large play pen for sleeping.

Senator Kennedy has also filed a number of bills aimed at illegal immigration, the Terrorist Deportation Act, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, The Criminal Alien Removal Clarification Act, and the Ending Sanctuary Cities Act. Kennedy says he doesn’t know if he’ll get enough votes to see the bills become law.