U.S. Senate Candidate: John Paul Bourgeois

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What is your campaign website? Which social media accounts can people follow for campaign updates?


Facebook: facebook.com/jbourgeois2020 
Twitter: twitter.com/jbourgeois2020

What top three issues you think deserve your immediate attention in office? How would you compromise with members of opposing parties?

First I belong to no party. As such I have the leeway to compromise without having to toe the party line.

1. The acknowledgement that all life is sacred and deserves protection. Our current representation has voted against protecting pre-existing conditions 100% of the time, despite having been a physician for Louisiana’s uninsured. I will protect those with these conditions. Furthermore, I would support universal preventative care, from prenatal until geriatric, to address any health issues before they become more serious i.e. more expensive.

2. Our national debt jeopardizes the future of our state and our country. The 2017 Tax Cuts have added trillions to the deficit. I fully support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. This would force both parties to clearly and consistently stake out their priorities.

3. Poor infrastructure costs Louisianans $2,000,000,000 annually. We need to invest in trade and vocational training to create a pathway for young people to develop skills for infrastructure jobs. The taxes from these good-paying jobs would pay for the initial investment to increase training.

What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Any movement that highlights inequalities in our society and seeks to overcome them should be encouraged.

What needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?

Create opportunities for historically marginalized populations to participate in society and culture.

Should police departments reconsider any of their policies in response to recent events? If so, which policies deserve priority?

Police are not adequately trained to handle domestic and mental health situations. Police departments need counselors and mental health professionals in the field in order to assist with these more delicate situations.

How would you rate the state’s — and the nation’s — coronavirus response? What would you want done differently?

The state has responded well and consistently. Nationally, the response has been abysmal.

Long-term, this country has perilous anti-science, anti-intellectualism streak that exacerbated COVID-19. As of writing nearly 180,000 Americans, including 5,000 Louisianans, have died from this virus. This is unacceptable; early adoption and strict adherence to public health recommendations would have lessened this outbreak. Why were these policies not in place sooner with more adamancy?

            Simply put, disinformation and conspiracies have stymied our national response. Guidance to drink bleach, to ingest supplements, to self-experiment with unproven therapies is negligent at best and criminal at worst. In response to COVID-19, Congress needs to support critical thinking skills at all stages of life. This will not only improve our preparedness for future pandemics but will make the US more competitive in the informational economy.

Would you support any changes to the current healthcare system? What parts, if any, need change?

Candidate did not respond.

Where do you stand on gun ownership and the Second Amendment?

Our constitution guarantees the rights to firearms, therefore as Americans that right is sacrosanct. However, we need to be honest with ourselves about the general public’s ability to kickstart a revolution given the Federal military spending levels.

Do you think our nation’s immigration system needs adjustment? What changes would you support, if any?

For immigration, there are several facets to address.

1) DACA kids are Americans and should have an easy pathway to citizenship.

2) Overstaying visas is the main source of illegal immigrants in this country. They should not have amnesty from prosecution and deportation. Now, if illegal immigrants are filling jobs that could otherwise be filled by Americans, the legal repercussions should fall more heavily on the employer rather than the employee.

3) We have a moral obligation to accept refugees. If they can provide reasonable evidence of persecution in their home country, then while their applications are being reviewed, we have to care for these people. —As part of a larger immigration overhaul, I think we should have a merit-based points system that includes proof of funds to support family members. Clearly this does not apply to refugees.

What steps would you support to strengthen the nation’s security?

For the military, we need more support for service personnel and families, especially during and following deployment.

  • Integration into communities to reduce isolation and loneliness.
  • Clamp down on personnel predations (financial and educational).
  • Open healthcare to provide better access and lower wait-times.

What are your thoughts on climate change? What, if anything, should Congress do about it?

  • In the decades to come, one of the main questions our children ask of us will be what did we do to address climate change when the effects were so clear?
  • Louisiana is an energy-producing state, yet we are also the most vulnerable to climate change’s impacts.
  • Given our energy infrastructure and our abundance of sugar cane, we can transition to producing more alcohol-based fuels, lessening our climatic impact.
  • Furthermore, we need to consider adopting traditional renewable energy sources at a national level to support our energy independence.

Would you vote in favor of spending bills that add to the deficit?

Our national debt jeopardizes the future of our state and our country. The 2017 Tax Cuts have added trillions to the deficit. I fully support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. This would force both parties to clearly and consistently stake out their priorities.

Do you believe our current political system, namely on Capitol Hill, lacks civility? How would you encourage civil discourse in Congress?

Of course there is an absence of civility. In order to encourage civil discourse, you must have respect for your fellow Americans. The 2 party system thrives by vilifying the other party. As an unaffiliated candidate, I don’t have to adhere to those rules that have led us to this divided America.

What other issues would you fight for in office?

Net Neutrality; Equal Rights; Voting Access.

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