U.S. Senate Candidate: Xan John

U.S. Senate Candidates

What is your campaign website? Which social media accounts can people follow for campaign updates?

  • XanJohnforSenate.com
  • @XanJohn4Senate – Twitter
  • @XanJohn – Instagram
  • TheXanJohn – Snapchat
  • LinkedIn/Facebook – Xan John Lafayette, LA

What top three issues you think deserve your immediate attention in office? How would you compromise with members of opposing parties?

  1. Global takeover plan with threat of virus used as a scapegoat.
  2. Accountability of actors like Pelosi, Gates, and governor of CA, MI and LA
  3. The money George Soros pumps into the destruction and overthrow on nation states.

I would compromise depending on a case by case basis – too broad of a question.

What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Not my thoughts – but facts – it is led by two lesbian Marxists who receive money from Alexander & George Soros. Their protests are NOT peaceful. They do nothing positive for black lives. The term “Black” is used as a shield so if one were to oppose this movement they may be deemed racist. This radical movement, just like ANTIFA is not organic and comprised of many white people who are supporters of communism.

What needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?

Just to get started stop listening to the mainstream media who perpetuates social and racial injustice. Control big tech that sensors a racially just storyline. Only chaos and fear is allowed to promulgate.

Should police departments reconsider any of their policies in response to recent events? If so, which policies deserve priority?

Hell no – they need to double down – no mercy for these kinds of protestors.

How would you rate the state’s — and the nation’s — coronavirus response? What would you want done differently?

This whole “carona virus” is a farce. It is a man-made patented virus that Fauci has already warned us about in 2018. This is a preplanned agenda to grab power and redistribute wealth and power globally.

Would you support any changes to the current healthcare system? What parts, if any, need change?

Yes. Eliminate the UN and Big Pharma hold on it. UN is dictating what it can and can’t do. We need to repeal obamacare. Stop the suppression of cancer and other disease cures so that people may receive antidotal treatments. Invite natural doctors to practice more wholistic remedies that are not super expensive. Too much corporate control and all the high tech curing techniques are black shelved and only practiced amongst the elites.

Where do you stand on gun ownership and the Second Amendment?

Gun ownership is a great thing and the reason we are not as far along as Australia or the UK when it comes to the corona power grab by the government. I will ALWAYS back the 2nd amendment.

Do you think our nation’s immigration system needs adjustment? What changes would you support, if any?

Yes. I support Trumps views.

What steps would you support to strengthen the nation’s security?

Dissolve the CIA like JFK wanted to. They are running amuck with their drug running and sex trafficking using our tax dollars to fuel clandestine operations. Destroy the deep web.

What are your thoughts on climate change? What, if anything, should Congress do about it?

Huge lie. It is an attack on carbon based life which we are. Congress should ignore it.

Would you vote in favor of spending bills that add to the deficit?


Do you believe our current political system, namely on Capitol Hill, lacks civility? How would you encourage civil discourse in Congress?

Yes. Too polarized and nothing good is accomplished. To eliminate the democratic party and get the republican party to get off their ass and act – NOW!

What other issues would you fight for in office?

Proper nutrition for our youth. Getting rid of lobbyists. Turning the USA into a sophisticated tax haven and bring jobs back from overseas. Get rid of income tax.

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