Zebrafish and medical marijuana could be a game changer for epilepsy studies.


BATON ROUGE, La (NBC Local 33) (Fox 44) – The front lines of the epilepsy battle aren’t lined with pill bottles and or even lab coats. Instead it’s a small zebra fish you can buy at the pet store.

Although they’re animals and not people, zebra fish anatomy functions in a similar capacity to that of a human being. And just like us, they have a hormone and nervous system that can also be susceptible to epilepsy disorders and the inevitable seizure episodes that come with them.

LSU researcher, Christopher Green and his team of graduate students have picked up on the uncanny resemblance between humans and zebra fish. They think these small marine creatures may hold a solution to a medical dilemma that baffles scientists to this day.

“We’re actually looking at the ability of cannabinoids or components of CBD to prevent or reduce seizures,” Green said.

Green has been dropping doses of a seizure inducing chemical on his fish. In about 10 minutes or so, the fish start to seize accordingly, with multiple darts and quick movements within their enclosure. The CBD components are added later. The medical marijuana has a calming effect that reduces or halts the seizures altogether.

Green says he hopes the results of the study he and his students are working on can one day be applied to human trials, and maybe contribute to a cure.

” Eventually, people could do FDA or other types of drug trials for other drugs from cannabinoids that might have promise with epilepsy.”

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