Display and Pre-Roll

Display reaches your best potential customers on the web, across all devices, as they view relevant content on high quality websites. Video pre-roll reaches your audience adjacent to video content on brand-enhancing websites. Option to include Geofencing and Keyword search targeting tactics.

  • Geofencing: Target specific locations (including competitors or other relevant locations) and will report on how many people walked into your business, so you know exactly how your advertising is performing.  
  • Keyword search targeting: Delivers your display or video ad to people who have actively searched for or are engaged with online content that contains your keywords.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of your website by increasing visibility in search engine results. You buy keywords that apply to your business to rank higher among the first few links shown on Google, Bing, etc.

Social Media Management

Based on your business goals, our team will craft content tailored to your prospective audience. This content is then distributed through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during optimal days and times for maximum exposure.

Streaming Audio

Digital Audio is a programmatic advertising solution that targets people listening to streaming music services.

Connected Television

Connected TV accesses applications connected through the internet and delivers video advertisements to the hard to reach cord-cutting audiences.

Email Marketing

Email marketing focuses on reaching new prospects by using our high-quality targeted email lists.

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