BATON ROUGE, LA (BATON ROUGE PROUD) – She’s a level 2 ambassador at Baton Rouge General Mid-City, and her energy and care brings a smile to everyone’s face.

She’s the first person patients see each morning.

Sarah Buckhalter’s days start bright and early.

“First, in the morning I get ready for breakfast and get everything prepared to go up on the 5th floor. I know it’s 12 hours, so I come in and you’re ready to work,”said Buckhalter.

She is a Level 2 Ambassador at Baton Rouge General Mid-City. She serves hot meals to dozens of patients everyday.

“Not everybody can do what I do. You have to have compassion and patience.”

She’s known around the hospital as Mrs. Sarah, and she is loved by everyone she comes in contact with.

“I get a lot of feedback from patients. Some leave and comeback and they say oh I’m so happy you’re back.”

During her six years at Baton Rouge General she has touched the lives of countless patients.

“They love my smile, my personality. I’m a people person so I like taking of people.”

It’s a skill she learned from personal experience.

“I had a daughter that was born with cerebral palsy, and hydrocephalus in 1991. So I quit my job and took care of her. So caring about someone in and out of hospitals, you have to know how to react to them and everything and take good care of her, I made sure of that. She lived 11 years.”

She said finding her true passion is what makes her want to wake and come to work day after day.

“I just love my job.”