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A light therapy mask is a good choice for beauty aficionados who like to try at-home devices

At-home beauty devices have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and light therapy masks are no exception. Because they provide therapeutic illumination from the comfort of home, many people have turned to them to improve common skin concerns such as blemishes and fine lines. 

While you aren’t likely to achieve the professional-level results of in-office treatments that correct skin concerns, there is a chance that your skin will benefit from using a light therapy mask. To help you make an informed purchase, we’ve compiled information along with top-selling masks for your consideration. 

How do light therapy masks work?

Light therapy has been used in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery for years to improve the appearance, texture and firmness of skin. Powered by infrared lights that are designed to treat skin effectively and gently, this therapy works by penetrating the skin to promote healing, collagen production and cell regeneration. 

Light therapy mask lights

Light therapy masks emit both red and blue LED light that penetrates the skin. While the red lights reduce inflammation and redness, stimulate collagen, tighten skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, blue lights treat blemishes and acne by killing bacteria that aggravate such skin imperfections. Most masks have three modes, which allow you to use red or blue lights or a combination of both. 

Red and blue lights are the most effective and studied LED lights that are used for professional skincare treatments and in-home light therapy devices and masks. However, some masks offer additional lights such as yellow, green, purple and various hues of blue. While the effectiveness of these light colors have not been studied like their blue and red counterparts, mask manufacturers that incorporate them in their devices suggest that they promote blood circulation, lymph metabolism and more. 

At-home light therapy devices, such as light therapy masks, harness light technology for convenient in-home treatments. Although not as effective as the light therapy treatments you’d receive in an office setting by a healthcare professional, noticeable results are possible when a quality mask is used as directed. 

How to use a light therapy mask

Another selling point of light therapy masks is ease-of-use. Simply cleanse your face, put on the mask, power it on and use for the length of time suggested by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the length of time and frequency of use varies depending on the mask and manufacturer. 

Most light therapy masks have straps that are optional during use. They can be tightened so the wearer can do other activities during treatment. However, the straps aren’t necessary if the mask is worn while lying back and relaxing. 

Light therapy masks are rechargeable. Once fully charged, they are ready to be disconnected from the charging cable and used for treatment. 

Concerns associated with light therapy masks

If you are thinking about trying a light therapy mask, you’ll be pleased to know that they are generally safe when used as recommended. They are also much more convenient and affordable than professional treatments that require one or more office visits. However, there are few concerns to consider to help you decide if one of this type of device is right for you.

  • They can be pricey. Reputable brands can cost several hundreds of dollars, but provide the peace of mind of being made by a trusted company.
  • Results aren’t guaranteed. Some users may experience notable results, while others have minimal to no noticeable changes in their skin. 
  • Some have a poor fit. They may not fit the shape of the face, or the straps may be difficult to secure. 
  • Directions must be followed. All quality light therapy masks come with instructions. Following them closely will improve the likelihood of noticeable results and safety during use. 

Best light therapy masks

Best Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro Light Therapy Mask

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro Light Therapy Mask

Made by a trusted skincare company, the FaceWare Pro produces red and blue light for targeting a variety of skin imperfections. It’s shaped to fit facial curves for optimal comfort during treatments. Although one of the more expensive options, it’s a quality mask with user-friendly features. Sold by Amazon and Sephora

Best NEWKEY LED Light Therapy Mask

NEWKEY LED Light Therapy Mask

In addition to red and blue lights, this mask emits green, yellow, purple, light blue and white lights that the company claims to offer numerous skin-perfecting benefits that include improved circulation and reduced redness. It comes with a remote with easy-to-navigate controls. Sold by Amazon

Best Angel Kiss Light Therapy Mask

Angel Kiss Light Therapy Mask

Comfortable and easy to use, this mask delivers red and blue light for numerous skin improvements. It also emits red, green, purple, yellow and cyan lights for addressing a variety of concerns. Sold by Amazon

Best Aphrona Moonlight 3-Color LED Facial Mask

Aphrona Moonlight 3-Color LED Facial Mask

This light fights acne, improves skin tone and minimizes lines and other imperfections with blue, red and green lights. The design fits the face nicely, which makes it comfortable to wear. Sold by Amazon 

Best Solaris Laboratories NY LED Light Therapy Silicone Mask

Solaris Laboratories NY LED Light Therapy Silicone Mask

The flexible silicone material of this mask stands out in terms of comfort, and also makes it easy to clean. It emits blue and red light to treat acne, signs of aging and more. We like that it’s backed by a one-year warranty. Sold by Macy’s

Best Houzzi Light Therapy Mask

Houzzi Light Therapy Mask

With seven different light hues, this therapeutic mask addresses numerous skin concerns. It also illuminates blue and red for treating lines, inflammation and breakouts. Sold by Amazon

Best Pure Daily Care Luma LED Light Therapy Mask

Pure Daily Care Luma LED Light Therapy Mask

This light therapy mask includes blue and red lights in addition to five other hues that work together to soothe redness, calm inflammation, stimulate collagen and reduce the signs of aging. It comes with an easy-to-use controller. Sold by Amazon 

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