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How to make the best pizzelle

“Pizzelle” means “round, flat and small,” and pizzelle are traditional Italian cookies that are round and flat like a pizza. They’re made with flour, sugar, butter and eggs, whisked together with flavorings such as anise, lemon, vanilla and cocoa, then baked in a special device.

“Pizzelle” is the plural form of the name; a single cookie is a “pizzella.”

What is a pizzelle maker?

Traditional pizzelle makers were heavy cast-iron skillets used over an open fire. A few aluminum pizzelle makers are still made to be used over a heat source, but modern pizzelle makers are electric and plug into the nearest outlet.

Pizzelle makers have two sides, joined by a hinge at the back. Inside are two removable metal cooking plates that nest inside the lids. The sides are held together by a mechanism that locks the two-part handle.

How does a pizzelle maker work?

You pour the batter into the mold on the base plate, close the lid and wait a few minutes while the batter bakes. When the dough is crisp, remove the pizzelle and add whatever fillings you wish.

How do you use a pizzelle maker?


Start by brushing oil or melted butter on the pizzelle maker’s metal cooking plates. 

  • Handheld: If you’re using a handheld version, set your stove on medium heat and wait until water sizzles when sprinkled on the burner before you start cooking. Without a timer or preset temperature, you’ll have to work out your best cooking times. 
  • Electric: If you’re using an automated electric pizzelle maker with the cooking time and temperature preset, plug it in, turn it on and wait for the indicator light to tell you it’s ready. 


Drop a spoon of batter onto the hot plate, close the lid and your pizzelle are crisp, brown and ready to eat in only a few minutes. Some pizzelle makers take less than two minutes.


Pizzelle taste even better when filled with something sweet, such as mascarpone, ricotta, custard or fruit fillings.


Some cooks like to dip their cookies into melted chocolate.


You can add a fine dusting of powdered sugar to make your crispy dessert even more fun to eat.

How do you get patterns in your pizzelle?

One of the charming things about the world’s oldest cookie is that the plates that press the batter between them have ridged designs that bake right into the cookie. Those designs were originally religious images, family crests and galloping horses, but later became floral patterns, snowflakes and abstract geometric patterns, too.

What you need to buy for making pizzelle

Best Whiskware Batter Mixer and Dispenser

Whiskware Batter Mixer and Dispenser

The clever product takes all the mess out of handling batter for pizzelle, waffles, pancakes and crepes. Add your ingredients, toss in the blender ball and shake. The wide opening makes it easy to add ingredients and the heat-resistant silicone spout won’t melt if it accidentally touches the griddle.

Sold by Amazon

Best Maxo Pro Wood Cone Roller

Maxo Pro Wood Cone Roller

The cone roller turns pizzelle into waffle cones, curled Norwegian krumkake and more. Use this handy 9-inch tool to roll up your thin cookies while they are still warm and fill them with ice cream, jams, jellies and more. 

Sold by Amazon

Best The Bakers Dozen Heavy Duty Disposable Pastry Bags

The Bakers Dozen Heavy Duty Disposable Pastry Bags

You get a pack of 100 16-inch heavy-duty anti-burst plastic bags for an easy way of adding fillings to your pizzelle-based cannolis.

Sold by Amazon

Best Suuker Three-Piece Pastry Filling and Decorating Tips

Suuker Three-Piece Pastry Filling and Decorating Tips

These stainless steel tips are handy for injecting fillings into waffle cones, cupcakes and doughnuts. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Wilton Cupcakes, Cones and Cannolis Baking Rack

Wilton Cupcakes, Cones and Cannolis Baking Rack

This special cooling rack holds a dozen pizzelle, cannolis and waffle cones while you add your own special fillings. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Kingzhuo 50-Piece Paper Waffle Cone Holders

Kingzhuo 50-Piece Paper Waffle Cone Holders

These cone holders are made of kraft paper and are perfect for serving pizzelle to your family and friends. They have flat bottoms so they can stand on their own on a tray.

Sold by Amazon

Best pizzelle makers

Top pizzelle makers under $50

Best Cucina Pro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Cucina Pro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker 

The extra-thick baking plates distribute the heat evenly for making four crispy, browned 3-inch pizzelle cookies at a time. The nonstick surfaces make for easy cleaning and a steam guard protects your hands when you open the lid. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

This little press bakes two 4-inch cookies at a time. You can customize your pizzelle by choosing from five shades of browning from dark, hard and crisp to light, soft and chewy. A rolling pin, measuring scoop and recipe book are included.

Sold by Wayfair, Amazon and Kohl’s

Best Dash Mini Pizzelle Maker

Dash Mini Pizzelle Maker

This mini press has two traditional Italian pizzelle patterns to choose from and makes one 4-inch pizzella at a time. Use it also as a grill for making burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

Sold by Amazon

Top pizzelle makers $50-$100

Best Chef’s Choice Toscano Pizzelle Maker

Chef’s Choice Toscano Pizzelle Maker

This cookie maker has instant recovery times so you don’t have to wait between batches. Just remove your two pizzelle and add more batter. Its 900 watts of power are greater than most pizzelle makers.

Sold by Amazon

Best Nordic Ware Krumkake Iron and Pizzelle Maker

Nordic Ware Krumkake Iron and Pizzelle Maker

You can make old-school dessert traditions from two countries with this cookie press that embosses patterns of flowers and leaves on Italian pizzelle or thin Scandinavian cone cookies. The aluminum body is safe to use on all gas and electric stovetops.

Sold by Amazon

Top pizzelle makers over $100

Best Toastmaster Pizzelle and Cookie Maker

Toastmaster Pizzelle and Cookie Maker

This cookie maker makes two 4-inch pizzelle at once on easy-to-clean non-stick surface plates that have an overflow trough to contain any spill.

Sold by Amazon

Best Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

Use this to make two thin 4-inch cookies in half the time required by hand irons. This 7-pound iron pizzelle maker has cast aluminum plates, cool plastic handles and bakes with 800 watts of power.

Sold by Amazon


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