Hopper ball

Hopper ball, space hopper or hippity hop. Whatever you call these giant ride-on bouncy balls, they’re great fun to play with at any age. You can buy hopper balls for kids and adults alike, so nobody has to miss out on the fun. 

Keep reading to learn more about hopper balls and to see our favorite offerings. The top choice is the WALIKI Hopper Ball because it comes in various sizes and is durable.

What to know before buying a hopper ball


It’s essential to choose the right size of hopper ball for whoever will be using it. Anyone from the age of around three right up to fully grown adults can bounce on a space hopper, but one that fits a three-year-old child won’t hold a thirty-year-old adult. 

The smallest hopper balls measure 15-16 inches in diameter and tend to fit users aged three to five. Slightly larger 18-inch hippity hops are suitable for three to six-year-olds. Kids age six to nine will need a hopper ball between 20-22 inches in diameter, while 10-12-year-olds will fit 23-25-inch hopper balls. If buying for a teenager or an adult, pick a hopper ball between 26-29 inches in diameter. 

Weight limit

All hopper balls have a maximum weight limit, and it’s crucial to find this out. Offerings designed for young children may have a weight limit of 60-100 pounds, while large adult hippity hops have weight limits of 200 pounds or more. Even if you can technically fit on your child’s space hopper, it’s best not to risk using it unless you know the maximum weight limit and are sure you don’t exceed it.

What to look for in a quality hopper ball

Quality material

A decent hopper ball will be made from quality material. The original space hoppers from the late ’60s and the ’70s were made from natural or synthetic rubber since it’s durable yet bouncy. Today, hopper balls are commonly made from PVC. The material used should be thick enough to create a durable hopper ball that won’t puncture easily but should be thin enough to bounce nicely and doesn’t feel overly heavy to hop around on.

Easy-grip handle

The handle of a hopper ball should be easy to grab onto so that the user doesn’t lose their grip and fall off. The majority of models have a single loop handle that’s easy to grasp and shouldn’t slip out of your hand, but some have two separate handles. Models with separate handles should have textured grips to the handles to prevent slippage.

Textured base

Some hopper balls have a slightly textured or ridged base. This helps give the hopper extra traction so it won’t slide around too much on hard floors or other smooth surfaces. 

Choice of color or design

You can find space hoppers in a wide range of colors and designs, from solid colors striped rainbow designs to floral prints to funny faces. It’s nice when manufacturers offer a decent selection of different color, print and design options so you can select one that you love. Unless you’re buying a hopper ball as a surprise, it’s an excellent idea to consult your child to determine which color or design they like best before you make your purchase. 

How much you can expect to spend on hopper ball

Small kids’ hopper balls can cost as little as $10-$15, while you can expect to pay up to $40 for large hopper balls for teens and adults.

Hopper ball FAQ

Are hopper balls safe? 

A. Yes, hopper balls are safe, though it’s a good idea to supervise kids while playing on them. Likely practically any type of physical activity, there’s a chance your child could fall and get a minor injury, but if you think running around the backyard is safe, bouncing on a hopper ball is no less so. 

Are hopper balls good exercise? 

A. Bouncing on a hippity hop is surprisingly good exercise. It provides both cardiovascular exercise and strengthens your core muscles, legs, and more. Not only is this great for adults looking for a fun way to exercise, but it’s also suitable for children. Both help them stay active and build core strength which is vital to encourage gross motor skills and fine motor skills. 

What’s the best hopper ball to buy?

Top hopper ball

WALIKI Hopper Ball

WALIKI Hopper Ball

What you need to know: A durable hopper ball that comes in sizes from 18-29 inches for bouncers of all ages. 

What you’ll love: It includes a loop handle that is easy to hold onto and a double-action pump to inflate the ball. It also has a cute emoji design. 

What you should consider: There are some reports of inconsistent sizing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hopper ball for the money

Hedstrom Hopper Ball

Hedstrom Hopper Ball

What you need to know: An affordable hopper ball that measures 18 inches across and is ideal for little kids.

What you’ll love: It’s available in a range of fun prints, has a durable loop handle and is easy to inflate. 

What you should consider: You may need to reinflate it every few days to keep it topped up, depending on usage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Xino Sports Hopping Ball for Kids

Xino Sports Hopping Ball for Kids

What you need to know: This is an adorable rainbow hopper ball option for kids aged roughly three to six. 

What you’ll love: It has a durable construction, stands up well to use over time and includes an easy-grip handle. 

What you should consider: It’s a little smaller than the advertised 18 inches, but this is a good size for little kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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